Blast · Wed, 24 Jun 2009 · © Copyright 2009-2011 Luis Gracia. All rights reserved

I found my self today in a long shoot, trying to get these sticks in the frame. The initial idea was to let them loose at the time of taking the picture and using flash and dragging the shutter geta sense of movement, with the sticks still well defined. It turned out much more difficult that what I had initally thought. The main problem, apart from not having enought hands to hold the sticks, a reflector and press the button at the same time was that the sticks was very slippery. It was extremelly difficult to hold them together long enough. The solution: stick some in the foam core to hold the rest in place. I lost the sense of movement, but got an interesting picture, were the sticks seem to have suffer from a blast of light. This came from a snoot and I added some fill with a silver reflector from the opposite side.

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