Crispy eye

Crispy eye · Tue, 7 Jul 2009 · © Copyright 2009-2011 Luis Gracia. All rights reserved

Testing a new lens I was looking after for some time now, the mid range macro Tamron SP 90mm f/2.8 Di.

Portrait practice I

Portrait practice I · Mon, 22 Jun 2009 · © Copyright 2009-2011 Luis Gracia. All rights reserved

Let’s start with a poll before I loose everybody with the photog stuff:

I need a name for my new model, suggestions are highly appreciated!

Back to the photo-geek post. With this post I start a new pool of photos dedicated to, duh, portrait practice, or lightning practice, as you wish. The idea is to use the mannequin as a static model. I know it would be much better with a living model (interaction, reality,…), but this one doesn’t move (actually, at all), doesn’t ask for beers (or wine, sangria, …) and doesn’t complain (or say anything). My solely idea is to study lighting patterns and the behavior of different light modifiers, … Nothing more, nothing less.

For the first image I used two strobes. The main light was a backlight with a small shoot thru umbrella (I would have used a big one as a reflector, but space contraints didn’t allow it). It simulated a strong window ligh from the back of the subject. The second strobe used the big umbrella as a reflector and is my fill light. The ratio between both was 8:1, that is, 3 stops difference, the main being at f11. I allowed some spill of the main light to fall in the front side of the face and the eye. To pop up the eyes a bit I used a white reflector.