Nueva York. En busca de una perspectiva personal. Parte I

Nueva York. En busca de una perspectiva personal. Parte I
En Nueva York no solo hay rascacielos, tambien, entre la marea humana que alla mora, vive Luis Gracia Valen. A traves de su busqueda personal nos muestra la Nueva York que el conoce y recorre a diario.
New York. In search of a personal perspective. Part I. There are not only skycrappers in New York, also, along the human tide that dwells there, lives Luis Gracia Valen. Thoughtout his own personal search he shows us the New York he knows and roams daily.
Articled published in Metaefezeta's 13th issue, Find out more in the photoblog.

In the past

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In the news: Heraldo de Aragon

Today spanish newspaper's Heraldo de Aragon featured my day work.

Recovering from the hack

Slowly recovering from a recent hack. The whole server were I host this page was hacked. All the hacker did (hopefully) was change index pages with his own version, but it is still tedious to bring everything back to normal. If you find any rest of it in my webpages, please, let me know ASAP. Thanks

New Photoblog

A new photoblog has been born. The idea is to get a new image each day and present it in this blog. Have fun!

First try at HDR

I learned sometime ago about the exciting HDR arena while attending a workshop at B&H by Dan Burkholder. I have since tried it whenever I found the right scene. In this gallery you can find these first attempts. Let me know what you think.

Chinese New Year in New York

A series of photos from the Chinese New Year celebration in New York. Find new photos in the Series section.

Photos from Song For New York: What Women Do While Men Sit Knitting

Set up by the Mabou Mines company, this theater show features five poemes from five women, each one from of the five New York boroughs. The performace took place from a barge on the waterfront at Gantry Plaza State Park, in Long Island City (Queens) with the Manhattan skyline as background.

New photos from the trip to Chicago can be found in specials!

These are a short selection of photos shot a month ago during a trip to Chicago. Enjoy!

A few photos from the Vegas-Canyon trip can be found in specials!

These are a short selection of photos shot a couple of weeks ago during the awesome trip to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. Enjoy!

New category outdoors!

After some time I have been have to manage some time to update the site. A new portfolio category and a few photographs have been added. Enjoy!

Up and running!

This site is officially up and running! After a lot of struggle with the site design and the selection of photos, it is finally online. I started with a few galleries but I hope I will be able to add (scan, clean, color correct, uff, a lot lot lot of work) some more in a near future (that is, Christmas). Wellcome and enjoy!