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Born in Zaragoza, Spain, trained in Computational Biology and in love with photography – that’s me.

It wasn’t love at first sight, but certainly, it was love! I had been an enthusiast for long time when I did a trip to Argentina with some friends and a SLR camera. Such a beautiful land! Taking good photographs was so easy, one could close the eyes and just shoot. That’s when I realized I wanted to pursue something more in photography. I didn’t want to take good photographs, but great photographs.

I wanted to understand how a camera works, what the different controls were, and more much more, composition, lighting, aesthetics, … So I started to read all I could get my hands on, enrolled in some classes at the New York Institute of Photography and the International Center of Photography, and started to navigate the New York photography atmosphere.

I learned a lot, but by far, what really taught me how to become a better photographer was getting out there and taking photographs. The motivating force behind photoblog is the product of this master lesson.

- Get out there and take photographs -

Hope you enjoy the photoblog.

About this blog

Well, let me first state that this blog is not a blog but a photoblog – at least at its early stages. What do I mean? My initial intend with this venture is to present photographs and engage in discussion about them, alas a photoblog. There might come a time when I shift gears and put together more technical articles – I really would love that! It may then switch from photoblog to blog about photography.

This whole idea started after following so many photography blogs and photoblogs throughout this last year. Then, before the end of the year – you know how New Years’ resolutions are a hot topic – I got keen on the idea of blogging. I realized it would take some time to set all the infrastructure up and delayed the launch for my birthday. Anyway, this is when one’s New Year starts, right?

Choosing a topic for a blog is not an easy task, everybody knows that, right? Well, now I know. I have settled with one of my favorites subjects in current photoblogs: one photo a day. Yes, shoot one photo each day and get it up here. As simple as this might appear, this is not an easy task. It requires carrying the camera along, find something to shoot, even better if it is somewhat interesting, put the photos thru a digital workflow and upload one for a new post. Everyday! Everyday! Everyday!

To make it a tad more interesting and distinctive, I intend to use HDR (High Dynamic Range) techniques once a week.

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2 comments until now

  1. Dear Luis,

    You are in love with photography and I´m totally in love with your photoblog. I follow it since its creation, everyday. I would like to be an expert to dare to comment the shots, but unfortunately, it´s not the case. At least I feel forced to let you know my loyalty.
    Keep shooting!

  2. thanks Evita,
    Actually I get a lot of traffic from your blog.

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