Easter Parade

Easter Parade · Sun, 4 Apr 2010 · © Copyright 2009-2011 Luis Gracia. All rights reserved

Yeah, already that time of the year: Eater Bonnet Parade. And three years on the row sunny as hell. Some new faces, some new hats, some new costumes and some … well … came back. Remember Bad Bunny from last year?

Easter Parade Easter Parade Easter Parade

Mannequins with hats

Mannequins with hats · Wed, 4 Feb 2009 · © Copyright 2009-2011 Luis Gracia. All rights reserved


I didn´t have a photo today, and time was running out. However I decided to get an try something harder than a simple snapshot. Took my two new mannequins (birthday presents, if you have to know), two of the hats that you might recognized from a recent photo of the day, and setup up a little studio home. I put cover one flash unit, set to the left of  the first mannequin, with bubble wrap and some other white diffuser left over from some gift wrapping. Using the flash in manual mode I ajusted the power to get the right exposure. The light was getting there, but still needed to soften the shadows below the hat. I used the back white face of a calendar that was lying around. For the backgroun I hang a white sheet on the door.


Hats · Mon, 2 Feb 2009 · © Copyright 2009-2011 Luis Gracia. All rights reserved

Three hats hanging on the wall shoot with HDR techniques. Some light was coming thru the vertical shades of the room hitting the hats in a repetitive pattern. This shot could have easily been done with HDR, although the top black hat would not have revealed so much detail, but since I owed an HDR photo for this week I just went and took it for this purpose.