Holding the star

Holding the star · Thu, 14 May 2009 · © Copyright 2009-2011 Luis Gracia. All rights reserved

Variations on an old theme: pushing the star, and now I present Holding the star. This time, to make a more interesting portrait of our friend I used a lensbaby, instead of a moving star.

Pushing the star

Pushing the star · Tue, 3 Mar 2009 · © Copyright 2009-2011 Luis Gracia. All rights reserved

Today I rediscovered this figure action usually used for learning to draw. Let’s use it as our fine model instead. The idea was to get some focus tightly on the star and let the face of the figure get a bit out of focus, but after a few click I found myself playing with the star and liking it.

Mannequins peeking

Mannequins peeking · Sat, 28 Feb 2009 · © Copyright 2009-2011 Luis Gracia. All rights reserved

Did you miss our friends, the mannequins? They came back today to say hello. We catched them peeking at our neighbors, bad, bad, bad mannequins… This was a “complicated” setup as well. With no c-stands or alike, I hired a human c-stand to hold a very expensive gobo (big black purse) to stop the strobe light from reaching the left mannequin. This strobe was held still by another human c-stand (one of my hands), while the other hand held a very sofisticated diffuser (cover from airline pillow) in place. The camera was triggered by the timer and was in a gorillapod tripod. It´s a pitty I don´t have an image showing this setup, because it was quite funny.

Mannequins with hats

Mannequins with hats · Wed, 4 Feb 2009 · © Copyright 2009-2011 Luis Gracia. All rights reserved


I didn´t have a photo today, and time was running out. However I decided to get an try something harder than a simple snapshot. Took my two new mannequins (birthday presents, if you have to know), two of the hats that you might recognized from a recent photo of the day, and setup up a little studio home. I put cover one flash unit, set to the left of  the first mannequin, with bubble wrap and some other white diffuser left over from some gift wrapping. Using the flash in manual mode I ajusted the power to get the right exposure. The light was getting there, but still needed to soften the shadows below the hat. I used the back white face of a calendar that was lying around. For the backgroun I hang a white sheet on the door.